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to be
or not to be an art
In the graphic design world there is an ongoing debate whether graphic design is an art or a promotion technique. The discussions are fueled by the fact that graphic design uses artistic methods and designers are famous for being temperamental artists.

We have solved this dilemma by deciding to put the client’s needs first. At Aliria, graphic design is art with a mission, for it must fulfill the purpose expressed by the client. We believe graphic design is an art through beauty, creativity and details, and the designer is an artist through the talent and passion he puts into his work. We also believe it is at the same time a marketing tool, and must adapt itself to the practical needs of the client.

These being said, graphic design is without a doubt one of the most important departments in any agency. Here we bring ideas to life, create visual identities for products and companies, give shape to marketing campaigns, help integrate photography with other fields, and build attractive virtual realities on the web.

Because we treat graphic design with respect and consideration it has been very good to us. And excellent for our clients.